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Saturday, May 17, 2008

2:33 PM

I think were acually going to have a summer this year! OMG! Thursday it was 80, yesterday it was 94 (eeeeek!) and today its like 83! This is all degrees by the way. Sadly, i did not make dance team. It was fun trying out though. Alot of people in middle school didnt make the team. I can still do Studio One (which is a dance studio) on tuesdays and thursdays though! And i am also doing gymnastics on mondays and cheer tumbling (like flips and stuff) on wensday. And today i am going to see the new chronicles of narnia with my best friend danielle! I havent seen her in a few months, even though we talk on the phone alot.
Oh yeah, i also went to a dance yesterday and my BFF kyndal came with me! It was so much fun. All my friends except for Brooke and Sam were there. Me and Brooke W. and kyndal danced the most though. it was so hot in that school, they need air conditioning.
Okay, well i have to go now. im supposed to be cleaning dishes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

3:10 PM

I have dace tryouts in 2 hours. I am so nervous!! I really hop i make it. Tumwater has the best dance team in the world!!!!!!!! Anyway, i might have to get up early tomorrow (like at 5:00) because they are before scool too if you need help with one of the 3 routines you have to learn in 3 days. Yah. I probably will! Okay, gotta go. My mom is picking me up. Byeee!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

6:20 PM

I love icons! they are so awesome! they are all over my school binder. okay, here they are

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

(oh yes! lol!!)

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

[that one was totaly me!)

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

Avatars / Icons

[you know, the eyes from the "Pretties", if you dont, go read the book]


1:25 PM

I am trying out for Tumwater Dance team! it is going to be so much fun. they practice like 24/7 and are really good. we go to nationals (if i make the team) in florida!!! aat least thats what i think she said.... and we learn alot too. my bff brooke is going to b on the team (well, if i make it) and so is mellissa, but shes only kinda my friend, and taylor. i really hope i make it!

1:15 PM

OMG! this is really funny. this is my new favorite song, shake it by metrostation. omgX2!!! miley cyruses brother and mitchell musso's brother! isnt that awesome! the video is the link below. and that isnt them in the video.


12:12 PM

Okay, this is part of a story that I wrote for school, but then it got to long. So here it is:

Morning. Finally. Most people don’t like mornings, and dread them even. I was usually one of those people! Today was different though. The sun was streaming through the window, reflecting brilliantly through my drapes, warming the room with an orange hue. The sun for me is like… happiness. Pure happiness. I sighed and rolled over. I had finally gotten over the “Oh my gosh! I’m late for school!” that I usually blurted out every Monday, before I realized that being late for school now was very impossible. School was out for summer, and I didn’t have to wake up at six anymore. As long as it was the hottest season of the year (not to mention the best), 8 o’clock was early for me.
I looked around my room and smiled. My room was clean and orderly. No clothes spewed over the ground like I had somehow generated a tornado with all of my rushing. I looked reflexively at my clock. 9:47. Time to get up.
I threw my pink quilt off of my bed and walked out of the room, pausing only when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My face was tan from all of the grueling haying and stacking I had done so far this summer (it was only the middle of July, but oh well). I won’t go through the details of the preciseness of the art of haying, to save you the agony that I felt. The brownness of my skin somehow highlighted my blue eyes that only looked their silvery aquamarine in summer. My hair, shoulder length, but in a pony-tail also had been affected by the sun. The normal color of dark blonde, so dark it looked brown, had been lightened in a few areas, so it looked as though I had dyed it a straw color. All these sun inspired changes had somehow made me seem older.
Then I remembered the main reason I wasn’t dreading this morning. I really was older! Today, July 13th, 2008, was my 14th birthday. I quickly walked down the hallway into the kitchen, wondering, and fantasizing about the day that was to come.
I wasn’t disappointed. I walked into the foyer (it really isn’t a foyer; it’s a space between the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Foyer just makes our small house sound bigger) and saw streamers, of every color; blue, red, green, pink, and my favorite, yellow. There were little balloons everywhere too. The colors were all coordinated and it looked so beautiful. I don’t mean to sound sappy, but pretty and amazing just don’t cover it. My heart immediately went out to my mom, who was sitting on the blue couch. A couch that we were doomed to looking at every day, until my dad’s office got finished. Then it would be moved out of our sight. Anyway, I knew how much time and energy she must have put into all the decorations. I was up after she went to sleep last night, so I know my hard-working mom must have gotten up just a couple hours after the sun got up and prepared all of this.
I went and sat down on my favorite chair. Unlike the horrendous blue couch, this chair matched the living room a bit better. It was white with big pink flowers and vines on it. It was very nice, and comfortable. Every time I sunk into it, I felt warm and comfortable.

“Happy Birthday Katie!” my mom smiled.
“Thanks mom! I love it. It’s so… perfect!” Some people didn’t like getting gifts, or surprises. I, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. It didn’t embarrass me, or make me feel unworthy. I actually know a few people like that.
I settled down in my favorite chair, and watched Oprah, with my mom, in the perfect, happy sunlight, on my birthday. I could tell that my birthday was going to be the best yet. I just didn’t know how perfect it really was going to be.
After we watched the last thirteen minutes of Oprah, it was time to eat breakfast.
I had already seen the Potatoes, sausage, bacon, and eggs when I walked through the “foyer”, but my mom had a special treat in store for me, as she called it. I sat down at the counter, examining the faux granite on our countertops, so I wouldn’t show my excitement. I knew that I got excited to easily. Everything was amazing to me, and everything made me happy. I was an exceptionally happy person. And hyper. So, when my mom pulled out a big container of mango and a jug of grapefruit juice out of the refrigerator, I squealed. I absolutely loved mango. It was like sunshine, in a yummy sweet fruit. And grapefruit juice! That was like liquid sunshine. Oh yeah, I was happy!
You might be wondering where my dad has been all this time. Well, he is in bed. Don’t take him as a lazy person though. He works so much. His office is at home, so he practically works all hours. Even though his job hour supposedly ends at 5, he is always working after that, on endless reports and other stuff. Then, when he isn’t doing his actual job, he is working hard on one of his building projects. He’s already built the house we live in (he was just helping really, he didn’t design the house or anything), a chicken coop, and my very own playhouse. Each of these places has electricity too. The project he is doing now is a barn. More of a huge garage really. Everything is done in there except his office and electricity. This is where the blue couch is going!
I felt footsteps on the ground and knew that the man of the house was coming, so I hurriedly grabbed some of everything. Except for bacon and eggs. I really hate eggs, and I gave up bacon for my friend Jessica, because she is vegetarian. I couldn’t be a vegg head (as she calls it) all the way. I would live off of sirloin steak if I could.
When my dad walked into the room, I shielded my food. He was prone to snacking off of my plate, and I really didn’t like sharing mango. It was my birthday after all!
He sat down, with a plate overflowing with yummy smelling food. I could especially smell the bacon. I had to scold the little devil on my left shoulder and think about friendship before I could breathe through my nose again.
“Happy Birthday muffin!” he beamed. “I bet you can’t wait until tonight!” My mom gave him a look. The look that can make grown men (just like my dad happened to be sometimes) turn into dogs with their tail in between their legs. My mom is very good at that. I didn’t think twice about this exchange until later that day.
“Thanks Dad! So when do I get to open presents?” I saw my mom shake her head and smile. “What! It’s already 10 o’clock!” I said, trying to sound innocent. My dad then said my worst nightmare. “Who says you get any presents? I think you’re too old for them anyway”
I know, presents are only material things, and there not really important. But as I said before, I get excited easily, and so far, for the past 13 years, I’ve gotten presents on each one of my birthdays.
Seeing my devastated face, my mom said he was just kidding. I brightened up considerably. Hopefully going to get presents, my dad sauntered through the colorful jungle of crepe paper and disappeared into the hallway. Several pieces of sausage and glasses of juice later, he came back. In his worn hands were 4 presents, enfolded in yellow wrapping paper with baby blue polka dots speckled across it.
I tried to wait patiently for my presents to arrive on the counter, but he was just walking so slowly. When I’m hyper, nothing is speedy enough. So, I jumped out of my chair and hurried over to get them. I grabbed quickly at the pretty packages, but he just brushed me off. Instead, he dumped them all on the floor in the living room.
After that, I had to wait some more for my mom to find the camera, which took like, 2 minutes, and then for my dad to get some water. I was actually twitching from all the excitement that was building up. My mom finally sat down in my white chair, acting like she had all the time in the world, and smiled at me. “You can open the flat long one now”
Wahoo! I ripped of the paper, and saw my dad wince. He was an avid recycler. The paper that I had just shredded was in no means recyclable. A box! A white box, with a green ribbon tied to it. That could only mean one thing. Clothes! I carefully, but quickly pulled off the ribbon tied to the box. Then I opened took the top off of it. Inside a cushion of white tissue paper was an ah-dore-ah-ble bathing suit! Of course, it was yellow, with light blue strings tying in the back, and around my neck. Naturally, it was a bikini. Underneath that were board shorts that matched it perfectly. They went down to my knees and the pocket on the side of the leg, all of the buttons, and the drawstring were all blue. That was just the first present though. And I know from experience that they always save the best for last.
Next, my dad told me to open the one that was box shaped. I would say about 6X6X6 inches. See! This is what 8th grade algebra does to you.
I could see my dad looking wearily at the box. He had obviously picked this one out, without mom’s consent. I held my breath and opened the box. Inside was a globe. You know, one of those snow globes that you shake up and watch all of the snow fall around a city, or like some of the others I have, a snowman. I used to collect snow globes. Sort of anyway. I had one from the Nutcracker, a very… jolly snow globe with two cute snowmen in them, and one with a rocking horse in it. I used to be very proud of these collectables, but now they just gathered dust. I knew this one wouldn’t though.
It was not the traditional snow globe, for it had no snow in it. The shape was different too. Long and rectangular. There were two blue dolphins playing in blue tinted water, with a gorgeous sunset above them. You could make the water drain out of it and make it look like the dolphins were playing. I loved it! I gave my dad a smile and a “thank you so much!” and moved onto the next present.


13 years old
My birthday is on July 13
My sign is ♥Cancer The Crab!!♥
I love texing
I love to dance
Right now, im hating clouds. Sun is good. Washington is weird
I really hate my braces. They dont even have any color on them.
Chili is gross
I have blue eyes
I have a Llama named sushie, and a cat named tulip,
a cat named Sophie, A dog named Sadie,
and a bunny named Giselle. My Sheep
are named Chocolate, Shelia, Samantha (after samantha lamb! (: ), and Mary
Im a very happy person
I go to G.W (george washington) Bush middle School! And it is the best

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